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How to Download CNN Videos with Subtitles

By Wilson Kendal | Updated on Aug 5, 2020

CNN is a well-known news delivery platform, which will offer news happened in all over the world and deliver them to people immediately. The news on CNN are up-to-date so people can easily know what are happening around the world. Instead of English, CNN also offers news in other languages, so except for being a news reading platform, people can also treat CNN as a place to learn foreign languages.

For years, CNN has delivered many valuable and updated news to people. But a pity is that CNN doesn't allow users to save the news videos or audios for offline viewing. Fortunately, we brought VideoHunter here to help. With this amazing video downloader, it is possible for people to download CNN videos with subtitles for later playback. Now let's discover more about this professional video downloader.

CONTENT Brief Introduction of CNNA Simple Way to Download CNN Video News in 1080p with Subtitles

Brief Introduction of CNN

CNN is a platform that provides latest news happened in United States, and also the rest of the world. The categories of its provided news cover a wide range, which include politics, weather, sports, entertainment, and so forth. There must be one category that you are quite interested in. CNN will keep its news database updated frequently, therefore, you can always keep up with the latest and trending news easily.


CNN is shorten for Cable News Network, which was firstly set up in 1980. Originally, CNN devoted itself to provide news for Americans through board casting on televisions through cables and satellite. As the development of the technologies, today CNN also launched their official website and YouTube channels to share news in more multimedia forms for catering users demands. For example, now many of its delivered news are also published in the form of videos, accompanied with short paragraphs. This way enables people to read the news more conveniently.

CNN enjoys high reputation around the world with its stable growth. When there are some sudden news, CNN would be the organization that will present a live report immediately. This quick action greatly helps to improve the authenticity of the news. As a result, it won lots of audiences at home and abroad.

A Simple Way to Download CNN Video News in 1080p with Subtitles

Now let's come to the theme part of this blog. As mentioned, CNN video news can't be downloaded. But as so many news would be updated everyday, people would easily lose some valuable news they have seen before. So it would be inconvenient if they want to find the news again. Therefore, downloading the CNN videos news that you need can be a good way to solve such unexpected issue. But how? Fortunately, we gain help from VideoHunter.


What is VideoHunter? VideoHunter is an all-platform video downloader that offers outstanding video downloading service to help save online videos from more than 1,000 sites. They include many popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Dailymotion, Niconico, Bilibili, and so forth. So it would be the best option for you to grasp both CNN videos and other platforms' video downloaders at once.

Free Download Free Download

Features of VideoHunter:

• High resolutions: 1080p, 4K, and 8K;
• High audio bitrate: 160kbps, 320kbps;
• Various output formats to download videos: MP3, MP4, and WEBM;
• Subtitle downloader provides;
• Built-in Converter with over 20 output formats is provided on Mac;
• YouTube playlist download feature (on Mac now);
• 6X faster speed to convert and download videos;
• Batch download feature.

How to Download CNN Video News in 1080p with Subtitles

STEP 1. Go to CNN platform and open the video new you need to download via VideoHunter. Then, copy the URL from the top address bar.

STEP 2. On your Windows or Mac device, open the installed VideoHunter. Then simply insert the URL of the CNN video to the frame bar in the downloader interface. After that, click on "Analyze" button to convert the video.

Paste CNN Video URL

STEP 3. When the output choices are generated, select the video quality such as 1080p to save the CNN video. In addition, you can move down to "Download Subtitles" and select the subtitle language you need to save offline.

Download CNN with Subtitle

STEP 4. Finally, just tab the "Download" button and the CNN video and its subtitle will be save immediately. When the conversion is completed, move to "Finished" and click "Open Folder" to play the video offline!

Downloading CNN Video

VideoHunter is such a multifunctional and helpful program that can bring easy but reliable service to help save the CNN video news in high quality with subtitles for offline playback. Don't miss this amazing tool and grasp it to download online videos from the platforms you want!

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