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As the world's largest video streaming platform, YouTube has many active users from all over the world, who are speaking different languages. To boost the views, many YouTubers would add subtitles to YouTube videos for gaining more audiences no matter what languages they speak. So when foreigners need to download YouTube videos using a video downloader, they may prefer to download them with subtitles so that they could understand the content better.

So in this blog, you can know the way to download subtitles from YouTube and then play the downloaded videos with subtitles on desktop (Windows and Mac).

CONTENT Overview on The Best Tool to Download YouTube Video with SubtitlesDownload YouTube Subtitles in One Click with VideoHunterBonus Tip: How to Play the Downloaded Videos with Subtitles on Desktop?

Overview on The Best Tool to Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

Today on market, there are not many YouTube video downloaders allow to download YouTube videos with extra subtitle files (unless the subtitles are embedded in the video before it's uploaded). So for the YouTube videos that are uploaded with separated subtitle scripts, you need a more professional tool to help. Hence, we would like to introduce VideoHunter to you.

VideoHunter is not only a high-quality video downloader but also a subtitle downloader. It can smartly detect the uploaded subtitle scripts of the online videos and then provide corresponding options to save the subtitles along with the videos offline as a SRT or TTML file.

NOTE: Pay attention that the embedded subtitles on the YouTube video (which means the subtitles you have added to the video while editing the content) are regarded as part of the video, so when you download this video, VideoHunter will not extract the subtitles from the video separately. In other words, only the subtitles uploaded as an extra file along with the video will be detected by VideoHunter.

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Download YouTube Subtitles in One Click with VideoHunter

Feel impressive about VideoHunter? Want to try it right away? After knowing VideoHunter's features, now let's check how can we use VideoHunter to download subtitles from YouTube.

Step 1. Check the Subtitles of the YouTube Video and Copy URL
Navigate to YouTube platform. After accessing the video page of the YouTube video, check whether the video you want to download with subtitles has a "CC" icon. If yes, VideoHunter can help to download it with subtitles, otherwise this video is not available to be downloaded with subtitles.
After making sure that the YouTube video contains the subtitles that are allowed to be downloaded, copy the URL of the video.

Check YouTube Video Subtitles

Step 2. Analyze the YouTube Video
Please launch VideoHunter and go to its Downloader for pasting the URL of the YouTube video to the downloading bar. Subsequently, tab the Analyze icon beside the bar to start analyzing the YouTube video.

Paste YouTube Video with Subtitles URL

Step 3. Download YouTube Video with Subtitles
After VideoHunter generates the output menu, you can select a video format as well as quality for encoding the video as you need. In addition, move down to the Download Subtitle part for selecting the language you wish the video to have. Subsequently, click on the Download button and both the video and subtitles file will be downloaded at the same time.

Select to Download YouTube Subtitles

After the tasks complete the downloading process, navigate to Finished module and you can click on Open Folder to reach the destination where you save the YouTube video with its subtitles file. You can ready for playing the video back with your selected subtitles then.

Get Downloaded YouTube Video with Subtitles

Bonus Tip: How to Play the Downloaded Videos with Subtitles on Desktop?

After downloading both YouTube videos and their subtitles, how can we play the videos on desktop with a separated subtitles file? Here are three media players that can play the downloaded YouTube videos with their separated subtitle files (SRT and TTML formats are both available).

# #1. VLC Media Player (Windows and Mac)

VLC Media Player has been a popular player for lots of people. You can make VLC show the subtitles using its provided function easily. After playing the video inside the media player, right-click it and select Subtitle > Add Subtitle File.... Then select the downloaded subtitle file and VLC will play your video with subtitles you just downloaded with VideoHunter.

Add Subtitle File VLC

# #2. Windows Media Player (Windows)

Windows Media Player also provides similar function as VLC Media Player, which allows people to play downloaded YouTube videos with a separated subtitle file. Likewise, after selecting to play the video with Windows Media Player, go to Play in the top toolbar then select Lyrics, captions, and subtitles > On if available. Then select the downloaded subtitle and you can enjoy the YouTube video with subtitles offline.

Play Subtitle Windows Media Player

# #3. QuickTime Player (Mac)

QuickTime Player is the built-in media player provided for Mac system. When you open the video inside QuickTime Player, please move to the top menu bar, and then go to View > Subtitle to disable the Off option. Then you can play the downloaded YouTube video with subtitles on Mac offline.

Enable Subtitle QuickTime Player

Even for foreign audiences, now you can enjoy any YouTube videos with provided subtitles by downloading them with VideoHunter offline. Uploading or using auto-generated subtitles in YouTube videos can help to boost views, so YouTubers can consider this way to help your channels or videos to attract more audiences!