Top 10 Sites to Download Enjoy HD Movies Offline

Sites to Download HD Movies

Thank the innovative artists and so many outstanding directors for creating stories and bringing them in front of the public, so we have the chances to view others' experience and learn lessons or new ways of thinking. For movie lovers, not only the contents of the movies but also the definitions of the movies are important to them, which can cause different watching experience and enjoyment. And I know, finding a place to download high definition movies is as different as discovering a movie with impressive plots.

To secure you from viruses or bugs, this blog lists top 10 movie download sites, enabling you to access to the movies without any concerns.

# #1. YouTube

As we all know, YouTube must be the most popular and resourceful website for people to stream videos online. There are many channels on YouTube such as gaming and education. You can filter the videos that you would like to stream based on different categories. Also, you can find the videos by typing keywords.

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There are more than 500 hours contents shared on YouTube every minute. But free movies are not easy to find as you imagine. YouTube charges high quality movies with different fees. You can subscribe to YouTube Premium and YouTube TV to unlock movies with high definition.


We also recommend the best YouTube video downloader - VideoHunter to save YouTube videos for offline enjoyment. It now not only support YouTube but also 1000+ other sites like TikTok, Instagram, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can get more details in the video below.

# #2. YTS YIFY

YTS FIFY is a user-friendly movie download site. While entering into the website, you can directly see what are recommended and trending on the website. Also, if you don't see your preferred movie, you can search for it by quality, genre, and rating, etc. After you find the movie, you can download it torrent without any charges. But NOTE, please use a VPN while downloading.


# #3. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is one of the most outperforming movie download sites which allow people to legally download movie torrents. There are many categories on Public Domain Torrents which give you a direction to select and filter movies. Also, once you choose one movie, below the movie is the immediate links to download torrents with different qualities.

Public Domain Torrents

# #4. Download Any Movie

Talking about the movie download sites, you shouldn't miss Download Any Movie! It is a site with thousand loads of movies. The movies are categorized as countries, years, actors, and genres. After selecting one movie, you can find clear direction pointing you to watch or download.

Download Any Movie

# #5. Movie

Movie is also one of the excellent movie download sites. However, it doesn't act simply. What you find on its site is its functional features. After you choose one movie, it will display the information about the movie to you, including is length, year, introduction, etc. To watch a movie on Movie, you need to have an account on Amazon Prime and purchase to download.

Movie Flixter

# #6. Watchmoviesfree

Watchmoviesfree allows you not only to watch but also to download movies for free. You have elaborate classifications under each categories of the movies. As a result, you can perform a detailed search there. You can choose different solutions for stream while no choice on solutions for download.


# #7. My Download Tube

My Download Tube will be a safe and convenient choice for movie download because it doesn't ask for any account login and credit card information. You can directly download the movies for free by browsing many options on the site. For consumers' sake, My Download Tube gives you a chance to see the trailers before downloading to make you sure about the content of the movies.

My Download Tube

# #8. SD Movies Point

With a simple user interface, you can browse the movies on SD Movies Point by different regions such as Bollywood, Hollywood, and Punjabi. As a considerate movie download site, SD Movies Point provides a detailed download guide to web browsers in order to clarify and help them quickly access to a movie offline.

SD Movies Point

# #9. Movies Counter

Movies Counter is an outlet of movies like a counter in a bank. Like SD Movies Point, Movies Counter provides movies from different regions. Also, it provides information about the movies to let you have a preview about the movie. What's more, you can comment on the movie to give some feedbacks.

Movies Counter

# #10. MovieNoLimit

As the last recommended movie download site, MovieNoLimit doesn't perform worse than others. It allows users to view and download the movies without registration and charges. Also, the website is straightforward, which means that you can easily carry out any tasks on it such as streaming and downloading.

There are various genres and years on the site which you can select from to filter the resources on the site. Additionally, there are resources for TV series on MovieNoLimit.


I fully understand the difficult feelings that discovering and evaluating a movie download site. And even worse, the website doesn't work after you haven't used it for several times. We, as an honest recommender, encourage you to use the above 10 sites to download HD movies for offline playback and enjoyment. You won't be disappointed at their professionalism and reliability.

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