To download Xhamster videos and have a smoother video streaming experience without interruption, you need assistance from a reliable third-party Xhamster downloader. In the post, there are 4 recommendations sorted out from numerous Xhamster video downloaders on the Internet. Now, please read the detailed review and select the best downloader for Xhamster to download videos for you.

CONTENTHow to Choose The Best Xhamster DownloaderTop 1. VideoHunterTop 2. StreamFabTop 3. 9xbuddyTop 4. FonePaw Screen Recorder

How to Choose The Best Xhamster Downloader

Ahead of all, if you know about these tips on selecting the best Xhamster downloader, it may be much clearer when you are facing different options:

Secure function - many Xhamster video downloaders would embed messy ads or pop-up malware misleading you to click on them. Choosing the one with fewer popups would reduce the potential dangers of being attacked by unknown viruses or hackers.

Speedy performance - whether the Xhamster downloader can offer swift speed to help you download Xhamster videos determines your time spent on this process. Surely, everyone wishes to save time.

Nice output quality - if the Xhamster downloader can well retain original definitions to download videos from Xhamster, you can receive the same experience streaming them offline, without sacrificing anything but getting smoother playback effects.

After walking through the 3 most essential requirements that many users would wish for from their select Xhamster video downloader, the introduction of the 4 best options is about to start! Now, let's dive in.

Top 1. VideoHunter

The first-ranking Xhamster downloader you shall not miss should be VideoHunter. The program is powerfully compatible with more than 1,000 sites. More than Xhamster, you can use it to download videos from Pornhub, Dailymotion, YouTube, and more as you need. VideoHunter delivers the best definitions, including HD 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K when it could detect.

Another feature attributed to the popularity of VideoHunter should be its built-in proxy setup. Even when you are not staying in the countries where can access Xhamster, this feature will help you bypass the regional restriction and give you a favor in downloading Xhamster videos successfully. Therefore, VideoHunter is widely selected to be the best Xhamster video downloader of all time.

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  • Provide up to 8K definition for selecting to download Xhamster videos.
  • Proxy setup feature avails all users to save online videos bypassing regional restrictions.
  • Support batch download at 6X faster speed to save time for you.
  • Offer a clear main feed without ads to improve the security of utilizing the program.
  • It offers popular formats such as MP4 to download Xhamster videos for streaming on more devices.
  • Subtitles can be retained in optimal languages when the program detects.
  • More pornographic sites such as Pornhub are supported.
  • It also provides an Android version if you need an Xhamster video downloader APK to download videos on mobile devices.


  • The free plan is only provided for registered users.
  • Free users can only download videos at the best 480P definition.

Top 2. StreamFab

The one-stop program, StreamFab, is another efficient Xhamster downloader that can facilitate your Xhamster video-saving process. Replacing pasting URLs to analyze and download the videos, StreamFab has embedded the search function inside the program. When you select Xhamster in it, then the search bar will appear for you to enter keywords and access the videos for downloading in no time.

StreamFab has provided more streaming sites inside the program. Therefore, when you install it, you no longer need to open these sites in browsers and process the video downloader separately. Instead, search for them inside StreamFab and the download will be completed just in one shot! Therefore, if you need to download bulky Xhamster videos regularly, StreamFab will be a rational Xhamster downloader to try.



  • The built-in search function allows you to access all Xhamster video downloads without links.
  • Optimal formats and qualities will be provided to select.
  • Quick speed is ensured to process both the video searching and downloading.
  • It offers more adult sites for users in need to download videos.


  • It is not a free Xhamster video downloader and will cost more than other competitors.
  • The search results are not accurate sometimes.
  • Definitions higher than 720p are not provided.

Top 3. 9xbuddy

Wish for an online Xhamster downloader? 9xbuddy is right here assisting you to download Xhamster videos on Android and iOS! This web-based service doesn't need to install any third-party program, and it is also an Xhamster free video downloader, which will take no charge from you. More importantly, there are very few ads on its pages, making this Xhamster MP4 downloader secure to utilize.

When you open 9xbuddy in a web browser, simply paste the link of the Xhamster video you wish to download, and the tool will convert it and offers output options for selecting to save the video in no time. It ensures fast performance, so you can enjoy its quick speed in processing video conversion and download. For mobile users, 9xbuddy is definitely the best online Xhamster downloader with reliable functions provided.



  • Quick speed to convert and download Xhamster videos.
  • Keep updating the supported list to make it possible to download videos from more sites.
  • Entirely free of charge.
  • Don't need to install other third-party programs or extensions at all.


  • Batch download is not supported but only processed one-by-one.
  • The quality is not guaranteed to be the best.
  • Low success rate with error messages popped up, especially under unstable Internet connectivity.

Top 4. FonePaw Screen Recorder

Replacing finding an Xhamster link downloader, utilizing a screen recorder to capture Xhamster videos can also be helpful to save clips for collecting offline and playing without Internet. FonePaw Screen Recorder offers a quality-lossless screen recording function, utilizing which you can take full control on capturing any part of the Xhamster videos and save them locally in MP4 files.

With the hotkey settings and other advanced recording features such as locked window and scheduled recording mode equipped, you will get a pretty convenient process to record Xhamster videos with the program. Therefore, especially for those who only wish to save video clips from a long Xhamster video, FonePaw Screen Recorder is a good option.

FonePaw Screen Recorder


  • Flexibly control the recording with several recording modes provided.
  • It will retain the original quality while capturing the screens to save Xhamster videos.
  • Hotkeys control to make the recording more convenient.
  • Popular formats are provided to save the recordings.
  • Helpful toolkit is offered to adjust the recordings before exporting.


  • The recording process can't be accelerated.
  • Only 3 minutes can be recorded if utilizing the free trial.

Final Verdict

If you wish an Xhamster downloader that can bring you the best quality and accelerated speed to download Xhamster videos, among all these options, I would highly recommend VideoHunter to you. From its core function to security, VideoHunter provides the best compared with the other 3 options. As it offers the free plan, register an account and have a try!

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