How to Download Videos from Xvideos (6 Free Ways)

When enjoying a video playback on Xvideos, it can be annoying when some playback errors occur. But as you try to download videos from Xvideos directly from the website, it makes you feel disappointed because the output quality can only reach 360P, or even 240P only.

So if you are finding other ways to download videos from Xvideos in higher quality like 1080P for free, this article can help. Here we will offer you 6 different easy ways to teach you how to download videos from Xvideos in HD quality for free to have a better playback experience. Now, have a look and see how.

Download Videos from Xvideos on PC & Mac (HD & Fast)

For PC and Mac users, this one is the best method as it uses professional porn downloaders for Xvideos to help you download videos from Xvideos to HD quickly.

VideoHunter is an all-in-one downloader with excellent ability to download porn videos from Xvideos with the best quality, including HD 720P, HD 1080P, 4K, and even 8K in MP4 format, keeping all details clearly and bringing you the best porn-viewing experience offline.

If you have tons of favorite porn videos and playlists on Xvideos, VideoHunter also uses its batch download function to help you keep all Xvideos videos from a playlist at once. Also, it can speed up the download process at 6X faster speed, helping you enjoy porn as soon as possible.

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How to Download Videos from Xvideos for Free

It won't be hard to use VideoHunter. Now, you can install the software and register it, take advantage of its free version, then follow the steps below to see how to download videos from Xvideos for free quickly.

Step 1. Copy Xvideos Video URL
Firstly, you need to go to Xvideos website and then search for the video you want to download for offline playback. Once you find it, open the video page and then copy its video URL.

Step 2. Paste URL and Convert
After getting the URL, then open VideoHunter (you need to sign in first) and directly paste it into the search bar. By clicking the "Analyze" button, VideoHunter will begin to convert the Xvideos video for you.

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Paste Xvideos Video Link to Convert

Step 3. Download Video from Xvideos
When VideoHunter offers output options with different formats and quality provided, choose "MP4" as the output format, and also the quality you like (like HD 1080P), then click the "Download" button to download videos from Xvideos immediately.

Download Videos from Xvideos in 1080P

Download HD Videos from Xvideos on Android

If you are an Android user, there are also many free and helpful Xvideos downloaders working to help you download videos from Xvideos easily.

VideoHunter for Android is the best recommended one, which provides easy-to-use and free downloading services to help you download Xvideos videos in up to 8K output quality just several easy clicks. Also, its fast downloading performance can help you batch download porn videos at once, which helps save your porn collection on Xvideos.

Unlike online Xvideos downloaders which may carry viruses or malware, VideoHunter for Android is 100% trustworthy with tech support, which won't bring any viruses or malware to your device. So, if you are looking for a reliable video downloader for Xvideos on Android, VideoHunter for Android can be the best one you can go for.

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How to Download Videos from Xvideos on Android for Free

Next, let's walk you through how to download videos from Xvideos with just by several taps on your Android device using VideoHunter for Android.

Step 1. Open the installed VideoHunter for Android on your device. Paste the URL to find the exact porn video on Xvideos.

Free Download

Step 2. After the app detects the video and the button turns blue, press it and VideoHunter for Android will start analyzing the video for you.

Step 3. After the downloading choices pop up, select an output format and also quality, say "MP4" and "480P", then click "Download" to directly download videos from Xvideos to Android offline to enjoy later.

Apart from Xvideos, VideoHunter for Android also excels in downloading Pornhub videos. Check this article: How to Download Porn Videos from Pornhub (Complete Guide).

VideoHunter for Android Download Xvideos

Download Videos from Xvideos for Free on iOS

Unfortunately, VideoHunter for Android hasn't released an app to download videos from Xvideos on iOS devices today. Therefore, if you are an iOS user, you need another way to download videos from Xvideos. When Safari has added the download function, you can directly use it to use any online Xvideos downloader such as TubeOffline to download Xvideos online.

Now, let's learn the way to download Xvideos from URL on iOS with the in-built Safari browser and an online Xvideos downloader.

Step 1. On Safari, you should go to Xvideos and copy the URL of the video you want to download first.

Step 2. Then open a new page and go to TubeOffline. You should paste the URL to its search bar and then begin converting it.

Step 3. When the downloader finishes converting the URL, it will provide some download options to you. Select the one you need and directly download video from Xvideos to your iOS device immediately.

Tip: The Xvideos download will be saved in the "Files" app. You need to open it and then go to "iCloud Drive" and find it in the "Downloads" folder.


Download Xvideos Videos with Chrome & Firefox Extension

Installing a browser extension is also a good idea to help you download videos from Xvideos in the browser. Video DownloadHelper is a browser extension, which is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox. Once you install it, you open an Xvideos page, click the extension icon and it will automatically detect all videos on the page to let you download immediately. Now, let's see how to download videos from Xvideos on Firefox and Chrome with it.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to install Video DownloadHelper on your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Step 2. When the extension is well added now, directly go to Xvideos and find the video you want to download offline.

Step 3. On the video page, click the extension icon of Video DownloadHelper and then it will automatically detect the Xvideo video and offer you some download options.

Step 4. Just select the option with the quality and format you like, by clicking the download icon, and then you can get the Xvideos download immediately.

Drawback: This extension can't work stably like desktop software. It fails to download videos from Xvideos. Also, its output quality can be low. 

So if this extension lets you down, try VideoHunter. With tech support and 6X faster speed, it can download any video from Xvideos for you immediately.

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Download Xvideos Videos with Extension

Download Xvideos Video Online from URL

Another way to download videos from Xvideos without software is to find online downloaders to help. Although such online video downloaders for Xvideos are free to use, they only support downloading videos from Xvideos at up to 360P quality like the official can offer. At the same time, these online tools are filled with ads and may even lead you to other third-party ad sites suddenly, or perform less stably with frequent failures occuring.

Still, after testing many of these online Xvideos downloaders, we found the reliable one, 9Xbuddy to help. This online Xvideod downloader is also free to use, and can work at a fast speed to help download videos from Xvideos. But like other online options, it still lacks reliable technical teams to give support. The unstable performance will also lead to sudden failures while you are using it to download Xvideos videos online.


If you still want an alternative with higher quality and faster speed, more importantly, safe viewing experience and ad-free downloads to download Xvideos videos, VideoHunter can still be a better choice for you.

Now, you can also follow the steps below to download videos from Xvideos using 9Xbuddy online for free:

Step 1. Go to 9Xbuddy in your web browser first.

Step 2. Then open the Xvideos website and copy the URL of the video you want to download. By pasting to 9Xbuddy and clicking "Download" to process the video conversion.

Paste Xvideos URL 9Xbuddy

Step 3. When the download options are provided, select your needed one and then click "Download Now" to download video from Xvideos online immediately.

It is noted that even though 9Xbuddy has offered the "Original" option to select downloading Xvideos videos, the output quality can only be at 360P. So for higher-quality outputs, you'd better select a more professional Xvideos downloader like VideoHunter to help.

Download Xvideos on 9Xbuddy

Download Videos from Xvideos Site

Of course, if you don't mind getting videos from Xvideos at lower quality such as 240P or 360P, it can be convenient for you to directly download videos from Xvideos official platform. Now, you can read the tutorial below and check how to download videos from Xvideos site for free in low quality.

How to Download Videos from
Step 1. On Xvideos, search and open the video page of the video you want to download for offline playback.

Step 2. Click the provided "Download" button.

Step 3. Select a quality option and then directly download the video from to offline folder on your device. While it's free porn, this low-quality porn video lacks of details, which is disappointing. If you use  VideoHunter, the desktop Xvideos downloader will save porn offline in HD.

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Download Videos from Xvideos Website

FAQs about Downloading Videos from Xvideos

Which is the Best Method to Download Videos from Xvideos?

As different Xvideos downloaders have their pros and cons, different users may need different tools to download videos from Xvideos. For example:

  • Using VideoHunter: you can download Xvideos resources at pretty high quality and also quick speed as well as safe performance.
  • Using VideoHunter for Android: directly download videos from Xvideos in HD quality for free.
  • Using TubeOffline: make Xvideos download on iOS devices quite easy to process with its in-built browser.
  • Using Chrome extension: directly scan video pages to download videos from Xvideos by one click but with less stable performance.
  • Using 9Xbuddy: download Xvideos content online freely without software, but in lower quality (best at 360P).

Is It Safe to Download Videos from Xvideos?

This depends on the Xvideos downloader you select. Some online Xvideos downloaders lack tech support. So they are filled with messy ads and pop-ups, which are less secure because they may lead you to some dangerous fishing sites.

On the contrary, professional video downloaders like VideoHunter value users' privacy. So they are updated regularly to protect your privacy and private data leaks. Concerned about information and downloading history leaks or malware spying on you? Use VideoHunter. It has you covered.

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To conclude, compared with all these methods, VideoHunter offers the best output quality and also the fastest speed, and safest function to download videos from Xvideos. VideoHunter offers 3 free downloads every day. Take this opportunity and start using it to download your favorite porn from Xhamster now!


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