6 Fastest YouTube Video Downloaders on PC

If you are considering an efficient way to download a list of YouTube videos on PC in the fastest way without wasting much time, you may run into the trouble of selecting the fastest YouTube downloader as there are so many options on the market. Hence, through careful testing and evaluation, this blog has collected the top 5 fastest YouTube video downloaders for PC users to grasp YouTube videos offline without hassle. Now, check them and select your ideal pick to get started!

CONTENTTop 1. VideoHunter (Windows, Mac)Top 2. 4K Video Downloader (Windows, Mac)Top 3. iTubeGo (Windows, Mac)Top 4. Freemake (Windows, Mac, Linux)Top 5. 2CONV (Online)Top 6. YTMP3 (Online)Conclusion: Which Is The Fastest YouTube Downloader?

Top 1. VideoHunter (Windows, Mac)

The most recommended fastest YouTube video downloader for PC is VideoHunter. The software provides smooth functionality, enabling users to process YouTube video download with high efficiency without hassle. It is compatible with playlists and channels download. Meanwhile, with embedded CPU acceleration tech to speed up the performance 6X faster, you will save much time waiting to download a batch of videos simultaneously.

Despite the video downloader, VideoHunter is also an efficient YouTube song downloader, which is also regarded as the fastest YouTube downloader to MP3. Moreover, no matter if you desire to grasp the YouTube channels or YouTube playlist to MP3/MP4 within clicks, the software will satisfy you with the best output quality for you.

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NOTE: VideoHunter also newly launched the fastest youtube video downloader free download for Android. You are able to freely install VideoHunter for Android to experience the features for free from today!

Features of VideoHunter:

  • Available to batch download YouTube single videos, playlists, and channels simultaneously;
  • YouTube public, private, and unlisted videos download supported;
  • Embedded CPU acceleration applied to speed up the performance to 6X faster;
  • High resolutions such as HD 10800, 4K, and 8K to output YouTube videos;
  • Mainstream formats available to select;
  • Built-in proxy setup to bypass regional limitations and download all YouTube videos as you desire;
  • Subtitle merging feature is ensured to help you download YouTube videos with the subtitles you need.

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Top 2. 4K Video Downloader (Windows, Mac)

4K Video Downloader is another YouTube video downloader fastest available to save YouTube videos at up to 4K or 8K resolution without simple clicks. With an intuitive interface and responsive in-app performance, you will find the software quite simple to get started.

Like VideoHunter, 4K Video Downloader is fully compatible with YouTube playlist download, ensuring high efficiency when you get a list of content desiring to save offline. Even for the 3D and VR videos, you will find 4K Video Downloader available to help. Hence, for many users, it has been a reliable and one of the fastest YouTube downloaders they would trust.

Features of 4K Video Downloader:

  • Compatible with YouTube playlist download;
  • Private, 3D, and VR video download supported;
  • Smart Mode feature available to apply settings on all downloads to save your effort in repeated setting them;
  • Proxy setup provided to bypass YouTube video restrictions.

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Top 3. iTubeGo (Windows, Mac)

As an HD and also one of the fastest YouTube video downloaders on the market, iTubeGo also wins the trust of global users, helping many of them download YouTube videos in batch with great video quality offline. With a built-in browser, it enables users to quickly access the YouTube titles and process the video download right away, without copying and pasting URLs between platforms. This greatly boosts the efficiency, and it is the core reason for making iTubeGo the fastest YouTube downloader of the year.

Features of iTubeGo

  • Built-in YouTube browser to access online videos efficiently;
  • High speed ensured to batch download YouTube videos quickly;
  • Full HD, 4K, and 8K resolutions supported to output YouTube downloads;
  • Mainstream formats available to select.


Top 4. Freemake (Windows, Mac, Linux)

If you are seeking the fastest free YouTube downloader for PC, you should not miss the powerful option, Freemake. The software supports more streaming platforms than YouTube, including 10,000 other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

As Freemake has embedded the high-speed performance to increase efficiency, you will discover that it is able to work in speedy performance and record multiple YouTube online clips within just a few seconds. No matter for long HD videos or YouTube shorts download, Freemake will complete the conversion for you quickly, which greatly improves the efficiency in saving YouTube videos offline.

Features of Freemake

  • Quick speed ensured to process multiple YouTube videos download within minutes;
  • 4H and full HD resolutions guaranteed to output YouTube videos;
  • A variety of mainstream formats supported selection;
  • Over 10,000 streaming sites compatible;
  • Freeware without needing to pay a penny;
  • No account registration required.


Top 5. 2CONV (Online)

Consider processing YouTube videos download across platforms efficiently? Don't miss the powerful YouTube video download online fastest tool, 2CONV!

With an intuitive interface, 2CONV provides an easy process for desktop, mobile, and also tablet users to download YouTube videos quickly to mainstream formats such as MP3 and MP4. You are only required to paste the video link to the downloading frame bar and tap the convert icon, the tool will process the video conversion and offers optional choices for you to save it offline. No matter what device, you just need a browser to access 2CONV and download YouTube videos with links. All these features make it a reliable and the fastest YouTube downloader you can trust.

Features of 2CONV:

  • Simple interface and intuitive functionality to efficiently download YouTube videos;
  • Mainstream formats equipped;
  • Available to access the online tool on all devices no matter for PC, mobiles, or tablets;
  • Quick working ensure to complete the download for you within just minutes.


Top 6. YTMP3 (Online)

The final recommendation of the fastest YouTube downloader to MP3 is YTMP3. Like 2CONV, YTMP3 is also an online tool, which requires no software installation or account registration to process YouTube videos download quickly for you. You are able to use its search feature to directly access any YouTube video for downloading immediately, which saves a lot of time for you.

Moreover, as YTMP3 also provides the mainstream MP4 format to output videos offline with great quality, it makes the tool a helpful and convenient tool to process YouTube video download fastest on all devices. More importantly, it is absolutely free for usage!

Features of YTMP3:

  • No software installation or account registration required;
  • In-platform search function available to increase higher efficiency;
  • Both MP3 and MP4 formats are provided;
  • Fast searching, converting, and downloading speed;
  • Dark mode is available to bring a more friendly downloading experience.


Conclusion: Which Is The Fastest YouTube Downloader?

After comparing these top 6 fastest YouTube downloaders, among all of them, I would vote VideoHunter as the best choice - it is able to process playlists and channels download with really stable and fast speed for me (without failing twice!). Hence, if you desire high resolutions and a nice experience, VideoHunter will be the top 1 pick for you.

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