Winx YouTube Downloader Review, and Its Alternative

When YouTube provides so many videos as well as music resources, many of you must have the times when you want to download them for offline playing, keeping, or editing. Winx YouTube Downloader, one of the best YouTube downloaders today, has provided user-friendly services to help download YouTube videos easily. Today's review will let you know more about Winx Downloader from its features, operation, pros, and cons. Now, start reading the Winx YouTube Downloader review and see if it can bring you help.

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Overview of Winx YouTube Downloader

Winx YouTube Downloader is also known as an MP4 downloader, which can be used to download online videos from YouTube and other 300+ sites, converting them to MP4 or other common formats to keep offline. When you get the videos downloaded, you can use them to edit your videos or play at any time using any device you want without limitations.

Winx YouTube Downloader is completely virus free, and it is very easy for beginners to set up and use the functions. Therefore, the professional download function and its safety both make Winx YouTube Downloader an attractive software for many YouTube users to download YouTube videos when they need.

Winx YouTube Downloader

Benefits of Winx YouTube Downloader

Whether Winx YouTube Downloader can be the one you choose to use, is based on if the benefits it provides are what you need. Now, see what are those great features the software can bring to you.

Supports Popular Websites

Winx YouTube Downloader is well known for its YouTube download function. But actually, the software can also support downloading videos and audio from other 300+ popular websites, including those we would commonly use such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, TikTok, and so on.

Offers HD and 4K Quality

To make sure the best playback experience offline, Winx YouTube Downloader provides HD and 4K quality options to let you download videos with the best quality. So if you find any 4K YouTube videos, you can use the software to download them in original quality.

Provides Popular Formats

The output formats provided by Winx YouTube Downloader are those compatible with many different devices and players, including MP4, FLV, and WebM. So when you get these video files downloaded offline, you can use different software to play or edit them successfully.

Keeps Fast Speed and Low CPU Cost

To save time, Winx YouTube Downloader also uses some technologies such as Multi-thread and Multicast, letting the software can speed up to 5-8X faster to download up to 300 videos at once. Also, its downloading process will be optimized and won't cost a high CPU on your computer, making sure that your device can still run in fast performance.

Winx YouTube Downloader Batch Download

Provides Simple-to-use Function

Winx YouTube Downloader provides an easy interface, and its in-built download function will be quite easy to use. You only need to paste the URL of the video you like to the downloader, then it will offer output options for you to select download. The software is easy for everyone to try.

Pros & Cons of ByClick Downloader

To conclude, Winx YouTube Downloader provides has the following pros and cons that could help you enjoy the video downloading process, or bring inconvenience to you. So before installing it, you can take a think after reviewing these points.


  • Provides user-friendly UI
  • Supports more popular sites than YouTube
  • Supports downloading YouTube playlists and long videos
  • Allows you to select quality and popular formats to download as you want
  • Keeps high quality (up to 4K) to download online videos
  • Offers fast speed to download videos in batch
  • The software is virus free and easy to use


  • Some users reported that Winx YouTube Downloader not working sometimes
  • It can only support Windows computers
  • 8K videos are not supported to download

Best Winx YouTube Downloader Alternative: VideoHunter

It is sad news when you see some disadvantages that Winx YouTube Downloader would still exist. So I would like to recommend one more software to be the Winx YouTube Downloader alternative to help you do the things that Winx can't provide.

VideoHunter is the best alternative to Winx YouTube Downloader, for it can also provide a high-quality and professional video downloader service to Mac users. More than this, as you can read from this VideoHunter review, it will offer more benefits that are quite attractive. Compared with Winx YouTube Downloader, VideoHunter also works better from the following sides:

  • Supports more than 1,000 websites (Winx: only 300+)
  • Provides the best 8K quality to download videos (Winx: 4K at max)
  • Keeps stable performance to improve download success rate
  • More powerful functions are provided, such as subtitles downloading and merging (lack in Winx)
  • Supports for PC Windows and Mac

Free DownloadFree Download

Also, VideoHunter is also easy to use just like Winx, so you will be familiar with the software quickly. Here shows you the steps to use it.

Step 1. Go to the online video website and copy the URL of the video you want to download offline.

Step 2. Open VideoHunter and sign in. Then you can paste the URL to the downloading bar and click "Analyze".

Paste Soundcloud Video URL

Step 3. Now, when VideoHunter provides the output formats and quality, choose one and click "Download" to save the video immediately.

Select Video Format

FAQ: Is Winx YouTube Downloader Safe?

Winx YouTube Downloader is a safe software without ads at all. Keeping the interface clean can help it stay away from some unknown viruses or hacker attacks. According to many users, they have been using Winx YouTube Downloader for a long time and there have been no errors happening to their computers. So Winx YouTube Downloader is safe to use.

FAQ: Is Winx YouTube Downloader Free?

Winx YouTube Downloader is free to use! Only by installing the software and then you can start using it without paying for any subscription plans. Unlike many other free tools that would have ads or add watermarks to the downloaded videos, Winx YouTube Downloader will not do these but provide you with high-quality services to download online videos.

In Conclusion

Winx YouTube Downloader provides high-quality and speedy services to download online videos from YouTube and other video sites. If you are still not satisfied with its cons, VideoHunter can fix all of them for you. Because VideoHunter is also free for registered users, you can install the software and register an account to start using it for free now!

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