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Fail to Download Video/Audio

Updated on Sep 17, 2020

Some users may meet the download failure issue when they try to save online videos with VideoHunter program. See the possible situations and ways to solve them.

Analysis Failed When Analyze A Video URL

The most common issue that people may meet while using VideoHunter is the analysis failure.

VideoHunter Analysis Failed

Possible Causes

  1. VideoHunter hasn't supported to download online videos from this site yet;
  2. Your device is connected to a poor network.

No Network Connection Notification Occurs

Except for the "Analysis failed" notification, another error message that users may received in most cases should be "No network connection".

No Network Connection

Possible Causes

  1. Your network condition is not stable;
  2. VideoHunter's server goes wrong.


  1. Restart your route and connect your device to the Wi-Fi signal again;
  2. Switch your Wi-Fi connection to another faster one;
  3. If you are using a VPN or Proxy service, please make sure the connection is stable, and is enough for supporting VideoHunter's downloading service;
  4. Using the IP address that is compatible of downloading the video you need;
  5. Wait for VideoHunter to recover their server error.

No Results Found

The situations that would cause "No results found" issue are similar to the first case – the occurrence of "Analysis failed" notice.

Possible Causes

  1. The sites you try to download videos from is not supported by VideoHunter;

  2. Poor network condition.

Video Is Restricted to Download

This notification is happened during the video is downloading. Normally, the video URL can be analyzed, but when it continues to the downloading process, it will stuck in the middle, and there is a line of orange words, "Video is restricted to download".

Video Is Restricted to Download

Why is this happening? The occurrence of this download restriction is happened when your network condition is not stable. This can be seen when you are downloading Dailymotion and Niconico videos sometimes. By enabling a stronger network condition, the videos can be downloaded successfully.

In most cases, the network condition can greatly affect your program using experience. Therefore, to use VideoHunter in a smoother way, you need to ensure a better network connection when you try to download online videos with VideoHunter. If you are still unable to solve the download failure problem, please reach VideoHunter support team to help.

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